How You Profit

Whenever you or anyone in your network makes an eCosway sale or purchase from any of our stores, it generates “eVolume” (eV). eV is the sales volume value assigned to each product.Every month, eCosway calculates the eV generated by your network and pays you four types of profits:

Note: For the calculation of monthly profits, 1 eV = 1 eDollar =RM3.50(SGD/BND1.50)

Your profits will be paid to you on a monthly basis.

Retail Profit: When you sell the products to your customers at the suggested retail price, you will earn the difference between the retail price and your discounted price. On top of that, up to 23% retail profit will be paid on the monthly eVolume (eV) generated by your Personal Sales (comprised of your own purchases plus the purchases of your VIP Shoppers). Even though retail profit is only paid on your Personal Sales, the percentage you get is based on the volume of your entire network, so the bigger your network, the more profit you get from your personal purchases and retail sales.

Branch Overrides:

You will earn an overriding percentage on the eV generated by each of your BO branches, based on the difference between your eligibility percentage and theirs. The Retail Profit & Branch Overrides chart (beside) is used to determine this eligibility.

Branch Performance Incentive (BPI):
You will receive a fixed amount based on the volume of each of your BO branches (including your Personal Sales) that exceeds 500 eV each month (except your highest eV Branch which serves as the qualifying branch for this incentive). Please refer to the chart for the amount you receive per branch.

Extra Incentive (EI):
You will receive an Extra Incentive based on the volume of each of your BO branches (including your Personal Sales) that exceeds 500 eV each month (except your highest eV Branch which serves as the qualifying branch for this incentive). Please refer to the chart for the amount you receive per branch.

Note: If you have branches with less than 500 eV, you can still earn the Extra Incentive by combining the volume to meet a qualifying eV level (as shown on the left side of the table). However, the eV of combined branches cannot exceed (and will be capped at) the eV level of your Qualifying branch.

How To Qualify For The Extra Incentive :

The amount of Extra Incentive (EI) you can earn depends on the Personal Sales Volume that you generate within 30 days of your joining date. Once the qualification is determined, it stands for the duration of your Business Ownership.

This special EI qualification eV can only be fulfilled from the purchase of our special eV product sets. eV from the purchases of any other products will not be included.

Special eV Product Sets
There are various special eV product sets available for Business Owners. As an incentive for you to try or sell our products, we offer you these specially packaged products at much higher discounts. You can choose to purchase one or more product sets up to a maximum of 500 eV per Business Owner.

These special product sets can only be purchased within the first 30 days of your joining date at the store you register.

Here's an example of how the Extra Incentive (EI) works:

Note: The example above assumes that you have qualified for unlimited Extra Incentive.

Extra Incentive Calculation:
Your Total Extra Incentive in this example would be: 625 eDollars

Purchase Rewards

Save, Earn or Win - The Choice is Yours!

eCosway doesn't stop at offering great products at attractive prices. We also run promotions, and an exciting shopper rewards programme. This keeps consumers happy, and keeps your sales rolling in every month.

Redemption Points (RPs)

Everyone who joins eCosway as a Business Owner gets 20 Redemption Points (RPs) that can be used to get up to 20% discount off products of their choice.

One RP is also awarded for every RM50 (SGD/BND25) spent in a single invoice (even if the invoice includes discounted items). You also get RPs with your Special eV Product Set purchases.

Enjoy up to 20% off the retail price when you purchase using RPs:

N or T Category Products


  • RPs cannot be used for discounts on P, S, R or H category products.
  • eVolume (eV) awarded for products purchased using RPs is 40% of the retail price eV (except for Special RP Sets and Special eV Product Sets).

With this continuous stream of RPs, you can enjoy perpetual discounts on your favourite products. You can also convert your RPs to Card Value Points (CVPs) i.e.1 RP = 3 CVPs, and use them to participate in our CVP Auction.

Redemption Coupons (RCs)

On top of the product discounts you receive, you also get Redemption Coupons (RCs) that can be exchanged for products or used to purchase products at deeply discounted prices. You get 1 RC for every RM30 (SGD/BND15) purchase based on net value in a single invoice, and extra RCs from monthly total sales as follows:

eCosway Co-Branded Bank Cards
You are also entitled to apply for an eCosway Co-Branded Bank Card. Every time you charge anything to your eCosway Co-Branded Credit Card or Payment Card, you will chalk up eVolume and Card Value Points (CVPs).

Card Value Points (CVPs)
Business Owners get CVPs whenever they use their eCosway Co-Branded Bank Card to pay for anything, anywhere in the world. With CVPs, you can bid for fabulous prizes in the online CVP Auction.

eCosway's Success Formula


When it comes to products and business success, there are two factors that really matter -- quality and variety. For over 30 years, eCosway has built alliances with world-renowned raw material and ingredient suppliers, reputable manufacturers and researchers around the world. The result is an ever-growing, wide range of high quality products (literally the “best of the best”) across a broad spectrum of categories including daily consumables that are always in demand and exciting products that create new interest and drive sales.

Our Ever-Growing Product Range includes:


Most network marketing companies overprice their products. This hinders repeat sales. eCosway prides itself in offering quality products at very competitive prices, resulting in growing sales from new and loyal customers.


eCosway's innovative Shopper Rewards Programme lets shoppers enjoy low prices and thrills them with various promotions like discounts, new product offers, purchase-with-purchase specials and exciting reward items.

Physical Distribution

You've probably heard that the key to business success is “location, location, location!”eCosway stores are easily accessible because we strive to open stores in high-density residential areas, hypermarkets and shopping malls. Unlike most MLM companies that have limited distribution channels, eCosway's extensive reach and growing presence give shoppers convenient and easy access.

Profit Plan

When you join eCosway as an Independent Business Owner (BO), your goal is to build a network of VIP Shoppers and Business Owners like yourself.

The combination of eCosway's unprecedented global business opportunity and unique, no breakaway Profit Plan allows you to build a fast, lucrative and everlasting income from the continuous and unlimited growth of your global network of consumers and Business Owners . You can even “will” your eCosway business to your heirs, benefiting your children and generations beyond.

eCosway - An Unprecedented Business Opportunity

eCosway has a unique and proven business model. It gives everyone the opportunity to succeed with out the usual challenges associated with Network Marketing.

Our success stems from our extensive range of high quality, competitively priced products distributed via an extensive network of eCosway stores. eCosway provides four simple and duplicable ways to generate multiple streams of income.

As a Business Owner, you can
  • Introduce people who are interested in the business opportunity.
  • Introduce people to shop at any eCosway store.
  • Introduce people who are interested inoperating an eCosway store.
  • Apply to operate an eCosway store.

Through eCosway, you will learn how easy and exciting it is to start building your own network and to generate a lucrative and everlasting income.